Sons of Anarchy Season 6 Finally on Netflix


Do you hear that? That's the sound of my inner Netflix addict screaming for joy, because as of last weekend, The Sons of Anarchy Season 6 has been uploaded to Netflix. I'm a latecomer to the SoA crowd. Initially turned off by the premise of a thuggish motorcycle club, my brother convinced me to give it a chance, and one month and 5 seasons later, you might as well give me a cut and patch me in because I'm hooked.

Game Diary: I Want to Like The Evil Within But…


After 15 hours, 40 deaths, and a myriad of both intensity and frustration, I finished, or perhaps better stated, I survived Tango Gameworks' survival horror game The Evil Within. As the credits rolled and the symbolic curtains began to close, I couldn't help but feel unsatisfied. Sure, I was happy to have earned another notch on my completion belt, but for some odd reason, the vast majority of post-game glee that I felt from The Evil Within was not from beating the game itself, but because I was finally done with it.

Firefall Fanfic Ep4: Old Friends and New Enemies Part 2


In the previous installment, Briggs had a surprise rendezvous with an old friend among the Sargasso extraction team. A night of celebratory Wiki Wackers served as a successful departure from the seriousness of war, but the spell of normalcy is unfortunately short-lived. Interrupted by a surprise Chosen attack, an enormous Drop Pod enters the fray. The Accord excavation will just have to wait. At over three meters in height, the Chosen monstrosity towers over the pod from which it spawned. Bearing the weight of an enormous Gatling-style machine gun, its jagged crimson armor exudes an audible...

Firefall Fanfic Ep4: Old Friends and New Enemies Part 1


Welcome to another episode of my Firefall Fanfic. Due to Briggs’ upstanding work aiding the preliminary base in Antarctica, Accord Command has shipped the Lieutenant Colonel across the world to another recently discovered Melding Pocket located in Sargasso Sea. With a bustling Accord encampment already underway, Commander Clark assigned Briggs to oversee a covert excavation operation in the area.  Perhaps there is more to the Accord’s presence in Sargasso than advancing the warfront? Lieutenant Colonel Alexis Briggs – Unofficial Report From frozen wasteland to tropical jungle, my...

Firefall Fanfic Ep3: Winter is Coming Part 2


In the previous episode, Briggs was sent to the frigid Melding Pocket of Antarctica to provide operational assistance at the new Accord base. During the monotony of compiling information, filing reports, and teaching the ARES newbies about war, the head officer Captain Emmerich received a distress call originating far to the northwest. With a fear of the unknown wasteland, Emmerich refuses to send operators to explore the signal. If they won’t go, Briggs will but she won’t find what she is expecting. In a flood of panic, I jerk the flare wildly in one sweeping motion. The glow barely...

Firefall Fanfic Ep3: Winter is Coming Part 1


After a volatile encounter with a band of religious fanatics in Stonewall, we join Alexis Briggs as she arrives in Antarctica. With no time for recuperation, she connects with the Accord team stationed at a new Antarctica settlement to coordinate expansion and exploration into the recently discovered Melding Pocket. While stationed in the icy encampment, Briggs absorbs rumors of caravan attacks toward an unexplored region west of the campsite. Now she’s in the middle of unknown territory, working to expand a warfront ripe with fearful hearsay and superstitious whispers. As you well know...

Firefall Fanfic Ep2: Spawn of the Melding Part 2


In the previous episode, Lieutenant General Briggs was sent to investigate a number of Missing Persons Reports centered near New Eden’s Stonewall region. The Accord also lost contact with a supply team positioned at one of the farmsteads in the area prompting immediate action. Arriving at Bodega Farm, Briggs discovered that the entirety of the farm’s residents had disappeared without a trace with the exception of a little boy named Paulo. As the only witness, Paulo pointed Briggs in the direction of the abductor encampment; an ominous cave bordering the Melding wall. In its depths she...

Firefall Fanfic Ep2: Spawn of the Melding Part 1


After an unorthodox Accord court-martial, we join Alexis Briggs as she is swept into her new position as Lieutenant Colonel. Rather than starting her investigation of unknown threats in one of the Melding Pockets, she is ordered to explore strange reports close to home in New Eden. Something must be amiss to send her to Stonewall. Lieutenant Colonel Alexis Briggs – Unofficial Report At a distance, the scenic coastlines and spectacular beaches conjure warm memories of what Fortaleza, Brazil used to be. Underneath the picturesque façade however, New Eden is deceptively treacherous. Over the...

Firefall Fanfic Ep1: On the Offensive Part 2


In the previous episode, Major Briggs was summoned to a secretive Accord meeting in regards to her actions during a Chosen assault on Trans-Hub Command. A covert attacker was able to slip into military headquarters and hack nearly all of the major systems. With a potential court martial underway, Briggs is forced to deliver testimony that could potentially put her Accord career in tumultuous waters. “Major Briggs, thank you for joining us.” The distinctly raspy voice pervades the shadows. “We’ve sent for you today to discuss the events of September 28, last week’s...