Roses and Tears: 10 Depressing Video Game Romances

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Still think love conquers all? Valentine’s Day inspires a variety of emotions. While love is in the air for many, cupid has more sinister plans for a select few. A poor Valentine’s Day for an average person might include seeing a movie alone or a solitude induced weep-fest. For the videogame characters below, the luxury of loneliness is miniature in comparison. Take a look at ten relationships gone awry in the worst ways possible. Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater – Big Boss and EvaLove can blossom anywhere. If the Metal Gear series has taught us anything (besides the usefulness of...

5 Ways for a Gaming Couple to Bond


Romance AND videogames? Heck yes.At least one day a year, petty squabbles among couples take a back seat in the name of love. While birthdays and anniversaries are special, there is arguably no occasion more romantic than Valentine’s Day. The term love conquers all might elicit apathetic sentiments 364 days a year but on that one special day in mid-February, those dreamy, heartwarming emotions are as real as ever. An intrinsic dilemma arises. When words don’t suffice, how does you show your special someone that they love them? The average guy or gal might be satisfied with a...

Firefall DiamondHead Environment Lore


Located in prime volcano territory, Diamondhead is part of a series of volcanic vents centered around the former Hawaiian Islands. Formed approximately 200,000 years ago, the massive Diamond Head crater was once a tourist hotspot, enticing sightseers from all across the world with promises of geological wonder and a taste of danger. Now, only danger remains. During the Firefall, asteroids pummeled the Earth for months on end. The bombardment flushed massive amounts of debris into the atmosphere, creating a particulate barrier that blocked much of the sun’s radiation from reaching the...

Betway Bingo Review

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Renowned online betting company Betway is at it again with yet another addictively entertaining way to play, Betway Bingo. Launched in July of 2014, the latest edition of Betway's lineup boasts a whole new set of experiences for both risk-taking newbies and long-time veterans including a ton of new games to play, chat and social features, and real-life prizes to be won.

Parents and Video Games: A Complicated Relationship


Love, hate, and everything in betweenNot every hobby is created equally nor is every pastime equally respected. As a gaming enthusiast, videogames represent the epitome of entertainment in my eyes. They alone reign atop my personal pedestal of happiness, a special zone that dictates everything from individual spending habits, conversational topics, and recreational choices. While I acknowledge gaming as an art; a vehicle to combine innovative ideas from cinema, literature, and music, not everyone sees it that way. My parents never quite understood the sheer awesomeness of videogames and...

Let’s Slay Some Dragons in Dragon Age: Inquisition!


Lately I’ve been obsessed with Dragon Age: Inquisition. As a die-hard Mass Effect fan, I was unjustly skeptical of BioWare’s fantasy themed RPG franchise because well, spaceships and aliens will always reign true atop my personal throne of favoritism over elfs and dragons. That being said, I am so mad at myself for waiting this long to get into the series. It is amazing! Missing out on such a rich saga is truly a travesty, and even worse, starting on Inquisition which is the third game in the series. The good news is, the holidays season is right around the corner and...

Firefall Sargasso Sea Environment Lore


Sargasso Sea is a recently discovered Melding Pocket located in the former Caribbean basin at the end of the Atlantic Archipelago. Named for the plentiful colonies of Sargassum or free-floating seaweed, Sargasso Sea’s close proximity to the Melding has transformed the laurel forest into a booming ecosystem of undocumented flora. Noting a sudden change in the indigenous plant life, the world’s most accomplished botanists flocked to Sargasso Sea in hopes of studying the evolutionary explosion first hand. A battery of tests led to a surprising conclusion. Genetic material obtained from...

10 Freakouts and Hallucinations in Video Games


WTF sentiments all around Have you ever heard the saying, we’re all a little bit crazy? I don’t know about you, but “a little bit” might be an understatement, especially within the world of videogames. While virtual protagonists often reflect the absolute best that humanity has to offer, heroes have their fair share of mental afflictions. The body is easy to heal, but the mind is much more fragile. Whether super-powered or ordinary, no individual can bear the weight of the world indefinitely without feeling the pressure. Talk about tons of baggage. Mysterious pasts...

Shy People Excel At Making Friends In Online Games


Research from early 2013 reveals that shy people excel at making friends while playing games online. It noted that the more shy the person, the more likely he or she is to make friends online. This makes sense when you think about it, because the addition of anonymity and creating a new identity can free people of their social anxieties. And in doing so, they're able to build and foster relationships with their fellow gamers.