Working at G4: Episode 2 First Day in LA

Today is the first day in my new apartment, do you like my shoe-rack turned into a game display? Versatility is how I roll. I don’t have internet yet so I’m typing this on my trusty smart phone. Bear with me and I’ll have some new posts up within the next few days. I’m so excited for G4!

Working at G4: Episode 1

Working at G4: Episode 2

Working at G4: Episode 3

Working at G4: Episode 4

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Taylor Stein

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  • I can’t see the image of the gaming shoe-rack. And congrats on the internship!

    • Taylor Stein

      Hey sorry about that, I tried to upload my makeshift game-case picture with my phone but you know how technology is sometimes. Should be up for your viewing pleasure now. The stand on the bottom is a coffee table and the part on the top is an upside down shoe rack 😀