Working at G4: Episode 3

For those of you who haven’t seen my previous post, I was given a summer internship with G4TV in Los Angeles, California. My first week in LA has been a mix of exhilaration and confusion. Moving to a new city introduces its fair share of challenges, but the fact that this west coast excursion grants me the ability to connect with one of the largest gaming authorities in the industry lightens the burden quite a bit.

For this episode of Working at G4, I will outline my experiences during the first week, including my duties as an intern, some of my awesome co-workers, the coolest morning meetings I’ve ever had, and a brief look into the video game memorabilia that resonates in nearly every corner of the building. As a disclaimer, there are numerous details that I cannot mention. NBCUniversal takes their privacy policy very seriously so please respect my discretion. I will not be listing anyone’s actual name nor can I speak specifically about E3.

The First Day

The first day at G4 was the workplace’s version of culture shock.  After a brief meet-and-greet with other department interns, I was escorted into security where I was photographed and given an employee badge. Fancy. I was then introduced to my boss for the next three months, the head of G4’s editorial department and whisked away in an elevator to my new place of employment.

I am familiar with the typical office setting: cubicles, plain décor, and stacks of paper surrounding often quiet workers. Let me tell you, this was not the ambiance at G4 HQ. As soon as the elevators opened, I was greeted with a life-size replica of the Brotherhood Armor from Fallout 3. I turned my head to see a slew of top-of-the-line arcade units and I knew I was in the right place.

The first interaction I had was a brief introduction with a fellow co-worker. His first comment, “You definitely don’t need to dress like that, we’re the casual crew.” Laid-back is my middle name so there were no complaints on my end. I navigated through the array of desks, shook hands with faces that I already recognized, and found a home at a desk with my name tacked to the wall. “Taylor Stein – G4 Intern” was the label, and boy did it feel good.

G4 Badge

Duties as an Intern

The first week was my introduction into the world as a video game writer, website coordinator, and media contributor. During the beginning of the week my main responsibility was tagging videos. It was my job to write descriptions and information for the latest trailers as well as add thumbnails. Not exactly the most thrilling task, but there are worse things than looking at video game trailers all day. After trailers, I learned how to use other aspects of the site and by Friday I was writing articles on their official website.

The stories that I covered were short, dull, and without much room for a creative spin but hey, one is on the homepage! Call me lame, but seeing something that I’ve written on the front of has been a proud moment for me.

As the weeks go by, I hope to get a chance to showcase my writing further.  I’ll definitely keep you updated about any stories that I write. With E3 fast approaching I might just get my chance. You can check out the article that I wrote on here. It is literally a few sentences long but hey start small, aim big.

Office Memorabilia

The staff at G4 really know how to decorate. I’ve never seen as much video game stuff before in my life. Most employee’s desks are riddled with video game and comic figurines (Ezio Auditorie from the Assassin’s Creed series was one that seemed to be pretty popular), posters, controllers, cardboard cutouts, and more. They even have a mobile game station that they use for…well playing games. I had the opportunity to play the console myself last week. Playing video games at work is amazing! But don’t think that we sit behind the TV all day as much fun as that would be.

The People

When walking into G4, I expected to encounter dozens of nameless faces, tons of people doing who-knows-what, and the pressures of a corporate environment. The editorial team is actually a very close-knit group of down-to-earth people who are in constant communication with each other to keep up with the rigorous demands of industry news and announcements. They are knowledgeable, passionate, and exemplify the meaning of gamers.

Also, it seems like everyone in the office, even people in different departments, those I haven’t met, and everyone in between was in some way, shape or form a nerd. It’s pretty nice to be able to rant about my awesome Max Payne 3 run, or CoD match and have people actually know what I’m talking about.


NBCUniversal is a huge media and entertainment company that owns a ton of networks and TV channels. Some of these include: G4, Chiller, Syfy, Bravo, MSNBC, and Universal Pictures. I for one had no idea how diversified the company was, but I quickly saw the connections when looking at pictures throughout the building. Employees of all branches are given special privileges and pretty cool perks that I wanted to share with you, some of these include early movie screenings, live show tapings, and discounts at movies, theme parks, and other locations. I’ll actually be going to the live filming of The Soup next week so it should be exciting! There is also a fully stocked, gym on the first floor of the NBC building which I plan on exploring after work. So hopefully by the next time I write a post, I’ll be getting my buffness on.

Stay tuned for next week’s update where I’ll hopefully be able to talk about the state of the G4 office pre-E3.

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