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8 Most Wanted Video Game Sequels

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We’ve all experienced that gut-wrenching feeling when the game of our dreams has been cancelled or lost in translation on a video game publisher’s boardroom floor. There are a multitude of fantastic games and series that have been cut short far before their time, and this article is a tribute to them. Here are 8 most wanted sequels, some that are almost forgotten, and others with enough fan support to potentially make it a reality.

Jade Empire

Most Wanted Video Game Sequels

Platform: Xbox

Release Date: 2005

Why it is sequel-worthy: If a Kung Fu classic and an RPG had a baby, it would grow to become Jade Empire. Crafted by the great minds at Bioware, Jade Empire successfully marries the wonder and authenticity of ancient China with a healthy dose of humor, kick-ass martial arts skills, and beautiful story telling. 

Heavy Rain

Platform: PS3

Release Date: 2010

Why it is sequel-worthy: Heavy Rain honors this list as one of the most unique experiences to ever hit video games. This game isn’t about headshots or kill death ratio, in fact, don’t expect to be running and gunning at all. Heavy Rain is an interactive story that tests player’s reflexes in epic, fast-paced scenarios while encouraging choices throughout a memorable, story-driven experience.

Alan Wake

Alan Wake

Platform: Xbox 360, PC

Release Date: 2010

Why it is sequel-worthy: This psychological thriller use to be a genre only associated with movies and books, but Alan Wake provides the perfect medium for the dark, fear-induced aesthetic to truly come alive. As if written by Stephen King himself, Alan Wake immerses players into a fight against darkness with enough twists, turns, and surprising moments to keep you hooked, and cautiously pushing forward.

Kingdom Hearts 2

Kingdom Hearts

Platform: PS2

Release Date: 2006

Why it is sequel-worthy: Exactly how the Kingdom Hearts series arose in the minds of its creators is an unabashed mystery; yet Disney and Square Enix’s Final Fantasy just seem to go together perfectly. The harmonious combination of childhood favoritism and Japanese innovation makes Kingdom Hearts a series that any gamer from both the East and West can enjoy. Even though numerous sequels, prequels and miscellaneous titles fill the void in between the Kingdom Hearts games, we just want Kingdom Hearts 3 already.

Red Dead Redemption

Red Dead Redemption

Platform: Xbox 360, PS3

Release Date: 2010

Why it is sequel-worthy: Never has the Wild West been more fully realized than in Rockstar’s hit, Red Dead Redemption. Riding horses down desolate, dirt roads, capturing run-a-ways with a well-aimed lasso, and playing card games in less-than-reputable saloons all blend into the aesthetic of classic Americana that we’ve all read about, but have never experienced. Red Dead Redemption’s realism, charming dialogue, and well-crafted setting are only a few of the reasons why RDR is undoubtedly sequel worthy.



Platform: Xbox 360, PS3

Release Date: 2010

Why it is sequel-worthy: Button-mashers are fun, but typically not too memorable. Bayonetta on the other hand, is a unique case among titles of the same flag.  Utter destruction, carnage, and combos in the form of numerous weapons crazy acrobatics is great, but it’s the subtle things that make Bayonetta shine. High heel guns are freakin awesome, revolver nunchakus are just crazy enough to win us over. The stylized mayhem is what sets Bayonetta apart and those extravagant dance numbers are appreciated too.

Beyond Good & Evil

Beyond Good & Evil

Platform: PC, Xbox, PS2, Gamecube

Release Date: 2003

Why it is sequel-worthy: Beyond Good & Evil is one of those glorious titles that everyone has heard of but very few have played; one of gaming’s underrated injustices. A solid story, well-developed characters, and a very diverse combination of gameplay elements has granted Beyond Good & Evil somewhat of a cult following over the years. Whether you are looking for exploration, storytelling, stealth, action, combat or puzzle-solving, Beyond Good & Evil has it all, and with enough additions to continually spice up the experience.

Mirror’s Edge

Mirror's Edge

Platform: PS3, Xbox 360, PC

Release Date: 2009

Why it is sequel-worthy: A ton of games feature parkour stunts, impressive acrobatics, and aerial tricks, but players are never really immersed into the feeling of free-running. Sure Ezio’s rooftop escapades are amazing to watch and play, but it’s Ezio being a badass, not you. Mirror’s Edge challenges this formula, adding a first-person perspective to the art of free-running. Never has leaping off of a skyscraper felt so real or natural. 

What are the sequels that you would like to see? Shout out in the comments below!

Editor’s Note: Beyond: Two Souls, the game announced at E3 2012 from the creators of Heavy Rain might just fill the void for avid fans. The Mirror’s Edge sequel has been rumored for quite some time and Bayonetta 2 has reportedly been canceled. Also, I am in no way “hating” on Ezio Auditore or the Assassin’s Creed series, I absolutely love those games. As for Kingdom Hearts, I don’t know what is going on in the story any more. How the writers turned Disney cuteness into a confounded, nonsensical storyline is beyond me, but I would still hop on the Kingdom Hearts 3 bandwagon if it was announced. The good thing is, many of the games on this list will undoubtedly have sequels one day, we just don’t know when the announcement will be.

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  • Herman Scott

    Bayonetta and Mirrors Edge! THATS ALL I ASK! THATS ALL I WANT!

    • Taylor Stein

      Bayonetta was completely unexpected for me. It looked like a bootleg Devil May Cry but it so wasn’t! Do you remember that part on the rocket at the end of the game? Where you had to dodge and spin left and right? That crap made me so dizzy! Random memorable moment from the game haha.

  • Herman Scott

    LOL!!! yeah i remember that part!!!! look like something from space harrier!!! It was just a feeling i had about her when i first seen the game! I knew this was going to be the next big thing (for me at least) She became my no.1 videogame heroine

    • Taylor Stein

      She looks like a gothic, super tall….librarian lol But somehow it works! Happy I have a fellow fan :)

  • Nuu Kode

    Heyy, nice post :) for Bayonetta, you probably know already, but Bayonetta 2 is supposedly coming to the Wii U….a fucking travesty in my opinion. But in all fairness Platinum wasn’t doing a sequel (yeah right) anyways so I guess there’s nothing us PS3 people can do about it.

    Mirror’s edge would REALLY be nice and if they just tightened the FPS mechanics, i think it could be something Brink failed to be w/REAL parkour & a solid FPS play. Multiplayer would be hella fun omfg.

    I just got Alan Wake on Steam the other day for $5 and haven’t played it yet but it got some high ratings, I look forward to playing it :)

  • AJ

    Why isn’t Vanquish on this list? It boasted one of the most unique and fun to use gameplay elements of 2010 and the ending practically screamed out for a sequel.

  • Taylor Stein

    I remember Vanquish! I did enjoy it but once I beat it, I was done. I could definitely live without a sequel on that one.