Alan Wake Darkness Creatures Originally From TV Show Supernatural?

Are the Alan Wake darkness creatures originally from the TV show Supernatural? Cinema and video games often have a checkered relationship. Adaptations of games onto the silver screen are notorious for disappointing fans and butchering the experience that gamers’ had on their consoles. Ironically, turning hit blockbusters into video games doesn’t seem to work either. With a few exceptions, the relationship between film and gaming has been tumultuous at best.

One game however, stands in a unique category of its own; a fusion of gaming mechanics and a hint of TV drama and cinema aesthetics. It is not an adaptation, but it very well could be. The developers at Remedy Entertainment crafted the recipe for a multi-faceted gaming experience so well, that one must wonder, where did all the ideas come from?

The title in question is none other than the psychological thriller, Alan Wake. This is not a jab at the series’ writer Sam Lake (who I thought did an amazing job) rather, an interesting side note acquired while watching the CW’s television series, Supernatural last night. Check out a clip below of season 1, episode 17, Hell House and notice any familiarities to Alan Wake.

Is it me or does the guy with an ax look a lot like the men overtaken by darkness “The Taken” from Alan Wake? Cabin in the middle of the woods at night, being attacked by a shadow man in the darkness, the scenario instantly reminded me of a level from the game. I’m not saying that we have any copycats in the works, but boy does the antagonist from that episode in Supernatural look like an enemy possessed by darkness, in Alan Wake.

Do you think Supernatural could have been a potential inspiration for Alan Wake writers? The episode aired in 2005 and Alan Wake was released in 2010 and was said to have taken five years to write. Could it be more than a coincidence?

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  • Dariyan Skie

    incorrect alan wake was in developement in 2009, however the new
    darkness in SN season 11 coming up is VERY SIMILAR to whats in Alan
    Wake – and the mark of cain/lucifer/darkness (they keep changin the
    story on this thing and making plot holes for other season with this) is
    a soul eater rune from suikoden, they share a LOT in common, u can even
    erase some of the soul eaters runes drawing or simplify it and it will
    look like the mark of cain.