Xbox Live App for iPhone and Android

By Taylor | June 23, 2012 | 0 Comment

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Your Xbox Live account is no longer fixed at home with your Xbox 360, take it with you with the My Xbox Live app for Android and iPhone. Finally Microsoft has answered our mobile pleas and created an app that allows gamers to conveniently access their Xbox Live data. With this tool, users can check achievements, change their avatar’s appearance, track recent games, access Xbox spotlight feeds, and more.

Best of all, the My Xbox Live app allows players to send and receive messages to each other with minimal annoyance. It’s a lot faster typing an Xbox Live message with a cell phone than with the console and controller let me tell you. Interrupting a Call of Duty match to reply to a friend’s message is no longer a true test of friendship.

I just started using the application, but it’s been really helpful for communicating with my friends list and checking achievements as I play. Overall, the My Xbox Live app is a worthwhile companion for any Xbox 360 player and it’s free! Check it out at the Android and iPhone app store.


My Xbox Live App ScreenshotMy Xbox Live Screenshot


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