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Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Unlocking System


Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 will come with a new unlocking system. The good news for Call of Duty fans, the updated unlocking system will allow gamers to unlock seven new items. This news was announced at a preview session in Cologne that was hosted by publishers Activision, and it has been revealed that there will be ten gear slots. These will be able to feature any combination of killstreak rewards, weapons and perks, which should be a pretty exciting development for gamers to enjoy.

Every time a player levels up, they will have the opportunity to choose one of seven new items to unlock. They will be given more freedom to modify their own game and customize it in the way they prefer. Surely this marks a move towards a freer gaming world, and one that is likely to appeal to more people, such as those who usually play at foxy bingo or other things like sports. Players will be able to change the way a weapon works, by doing things like changing the fire mode or adding an extra attachment. Players will even be able to trade weapons or other items and use the allowance they gain back to obtain something else.

This will change some important elements of the Call of Duty game. For one thing, it will increase the potential for a lot more strategy, so that players will have to think more carefully and in detail about the moves they plan on making. With more than 100 items and abilities available, this development should prove to be a very significant one. The advantage of this development is that it will allow users to make the game more their own and to have more influence over their own success or failure.

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