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Top 5 Reasons Why Gamers Buy Virtual Cash


Every gamer’s seriousness and level of dedication towards a game is different. Owing and attaining in game gold can be very important to one gamer and of zero value to another. In real life we require money/gold to upgrade our living standards. Likewise, gamers search for several ways to achieve the highest possible gold to appraise themselves in games. There is a huge and considerable amount of reasons that encourage players to gain in-game gold fast (i.e. buying gold using real cash whether it’s from gold suppliers or other gamers). Here we take a look at the top 5 reasons why people devotedly buy in-game gold.

1. To Save Time

Ardent gamers would probably share this first and foremost reason. Purchasing or acquiring in-game gold from suppliers saves ample amount of time and energy. For the case of subscription-based MMOs, it’s not just time and energy but good money spent on actually enjoying the game rather than drilling through hours of gold-grind. A large portion of dedicated gamers are in fact day-time workers, for which the most common problem is the lack of time to earn enough gold to progress their characters. This is where the secondary market of gold suppliers comes in. They provide a super fast way for gamers to own huge amounts of gold sans the long hours played.

2. To Showoff

With enough gold to spend, achieving everything in the game becomes several more times possible. Gamers can choose to buy expensive products without any hesitation. This gives you a sense of superiority over your fellow opponents, showing them that you have the ability to surpass them and at the same time to fulfill your desired goal. This characteristic is usually termed as showoff where players flaunt their unique game characteristics amongst others.

3. For Convenience

Gold farming is not an easy task. This is what every gamer will tell you. You need to be patient and highly devoted to attain gold. Quite obviously, this is not possible for every gamer, which leaves them with less gold, less spending power, less interest in the game as well. As such, they search for convenient routes that may save gamers regardless of age or personal live changes. If there is a way to spend a few hours on the good old screen, then be it. 

4. Buy the Best Items/Weapons

What do we do when we have money? We invest in expensive products to fulfill our needs and desires. Generally, gamers seek gold to purchase glittery or expensive items in order to have a more powerful and attractive character or to kill giant monsters.

5. Serious about the Game and Competitive

This is an interesting point for discussion. Consequently, gamers opt to buy gold in order to overtake friends, be it in terms of leveling or becoming the more valued guild member or even to win PvP challenges. The need and drive to achieve and to win over the competition is in fact one of the larger reasons that gamers buy in-game gold.

Gold is an important key to achieve success in MMOs. There is no doubt there. Players may have several thousand reasons to buy in-game time and still allow room in their lives to play games. Why not discard gaming altogether? Gamers will  buy gold but they all eventually lead to the same end which is attaining success and supremacy.

About Author: Being a game researcher at, Sam Wing Xu has been writing a lot of articles about the secondary market.

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