CompTIA Certification Exams for Technical Trainers

By Taylor | January 22, 2013 | 0 Comment

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Any training, organizational development, human resources, or IT professional who’s tasked with creating communications, presentations or class curriculums for teaching any IT-related topic can benefit from the successful completion of any or all of the CompTIA certification exams for technical trainers.

CompTIA offers three exams applicable for professionals working in technical training positions. They include the following:

  • TK0-201 – CTT+ Essentials
  • TK0-202 – CTT+ Classroom Trainer
  • TK0-203 – CTT+ Virtual Classroom Trainer

Each of the available technical training certification exams offered by CompTIA validates a particular skill set required for developing, presenting and evaluating training events and materials. The CompTIA TK0-201 exam measures fundamental skills of technical trainers.

The CompTIA TK0-202 exam validates technical trainers’ skills and knowledge in conducting in-class training sessions, while the TK0-203 exam documents the same, only for classes conducted in a virtual learning environment.

Completing any single one of these exams is a valid method for documenting your technical training expertise, but the successful completion of two exams will earn you a CompTIA CTT+ Certification. To achieve certification, the TK0-201 exam is required, and you must also complete either the TK0-202 or the TK0-203.

No matter if you determine that completing a single technical training exam is in your best interest, or you decide to go for the CTT+ certification and must therefore complete two exams, you’ll want to stage yourself well for success. Experience as a technical trainer will help of course, but exam prep courses, tutorials, and practice exams, like those offered by providers like, can also be beneficial in your CompTIA certification exam preparation activities. 



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