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Wild West Poker with Red Dead Redemption


When it comes to home consoles, the Xbox 360 is undoubtedly the most popular choice. It has a mass appeal and offers a variety of games for all age groups, play styles and desires. The younger players can enjoy fantastical adventures through magical worlds while the older gamers take on villainous masterminds and destroy entire armies with the press of a button. One of the most popular games in recent years was the Rockstar hit Red Dead Redemption. It followed the story of Jon Marston, a man on a mission to stop a gang of thieves from terrorizing a small town in the old west. When the action got too much however, there were numerous ways to pass the time and relax.

In between dangerous missions, you could decide to play a game of horseshoes behind the barn or take part an authentic game of Wild West style Poker. It wasn’t up to the standard of what you’d expect from an online casino, but as a small sideline to the main story it proved to be a welcome distraction. It followed the Five Card Draw rules, and as you played you could watch the day and night cycle by in the background. Poker games lasted a lot longer back in those days.

Like many other Rockstar games, the main premise was always about building up reputation and money so that you could gain the trust and acceptance of other gangs, towns and characters. Poker was one of the ways in which you could earn money, which you could then spend on houses or just take it back to the table and try to double it the next game. However for the true online casino experience you are better of going to Lucky Nugget casino provides a great selection of slots games, roulette, poker and blackjack so there is something for every taste.

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