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Top 3 Picks for Android


Since Android exploded onto the gaming market it has given Apple a run for its money and there have been several memorable moments for mobile gamers. There have also been plenty of welcome surprises, notably the popularity of mobile casino games that can be played for real money. You will find some of the best android casinos at where you can enjoy authentic and realistic versions of high profile slots games, blackjack, roulette and more. With the abundance of great games on offer and the multiple genres catered for its not easy to choose favorites, but these are 3 of my top picks for mobile games at the moment.

1. Angry Birds Star Wars

Rovio Entertainment Ltd struck gold when it released Angry Birds and it soon became one of the most phenomenal mobile gaming sensations of the decade. Angry Birds Star Wars has remained true to the successful formula of the game but adds an intergalactic dimension complete with light sabers, the force and, of course, sand pigs. For the first time in Rovio’s history they have integrated a popular franchise with their own brand of entertainment and the combination is completely addictive.

2. Bejeweled 2

Fans of puzzle games like Tetris witnessed a new era of interactive puzzle based gaming with the release of Bejeweled 2. Bejeweled 2 is a higher quality recreation of the classic computer game that proved to be impossible to put down. The simple premise, bright colours and intensive thought processes needed to increase your score is a winning combination.  Controlled by your smart phone or tablets touch screen this game has become everyone’s favourite Tetris-style entertainment for the new decade.

3. Words with Friends

Zynga has become an Android social gaming powerhouse and Words with Friends is amongst the most popular mobile games around. The cross device compatibility means that even if your friends are not on Android they can still play, expanding the global audience dramatically. Words with Friends is a scrabble type game that appeals to players who want to indulge in some competitive word play with people around the world.

There are so many other games available at the moment so I may have to extend this list very soon, but try out these top 3 and see what gets you hooked.

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