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By Taylor | February 12, 2012 | 0 Comment

GamerGirlTay.com was founded by Taylor Stein, an avid gamer, college student and freelance writer. After founding and selling gamingprecision.com she decided to pursue a solo venture that would encapsulate her personal gaming journey featuring rants, opinions, and video game humor.

Besides talking about herself in third person, she has been a gamer since the NES graced her household at the age of 5. She is a huge fan of Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy, Metal Gear, Mass Effect, and many more awesome series. For the most part, you can find her playing the latest games on PS3 or feverishly chasing down achievements on Xbox Live. Don’t judge this book by its cover, let’s talk games!

Editor-in-Chief and Founder
 -  Taylor Stein

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Taylor Stein is a recent college graduate and freelance games writer. You can find her work on Destructoid, G4, Bitmob, 1UP, Pure Nintendo, Honest Gamers, and more. Beyond the arena of geekdom. she is a fitness freak and lover of sushi. Don't judge this book by its cover, let's talk games! Google