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About Me

Hi I’m Taylor. I’m a writer, editor, and entrepreneur with over 4 years of experience in the video game industry. From meager beginnings as a small-time blogger, to working with some of the great talent in the gaming world, my passion for video games and all-around geekery has lit the way to many opportunities in journalism, marketing, game design, content management, and beyond.

It wasn’t until I founded then later sold my first website in college, Gaming Precision, that I began to look at working in the video game industry as a potential career. Since then, I’ve had a bunch of amazing opportunities and experiences. I completed an editorial internship at G4TV and NBCUniversal, I’ve attended and covered a number of conventions such as E3, Comic-con,  and EVO, and I’ve had my work featured both in print and digital mediums including Destructoid, Amazon, Big Fish Games, Red 5 Studios, 1UP, Pure Nintendo Magazine, Bitmob, and many more.

Beyond video games, I’m a lover of cartoons, a sushi fanatic, and an overall big kid. When I’m not chasing down trophies and achievements, I love trying out new restaurants, going hiking, cooking, reading and traveling.

 –  Taylor Stein

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