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My Saddest Video Game Moment

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Let me first start by saying I am not an emotional person. I watched the Notebook without blinking an eye, I conquered Marley & Me while maintaining my composure, and sat through 3 and a half hours of James Cameron’s Titanic more annoyed than depressed. Movies simply have not been able to affect me in any profound way. You sit in a movie theater for a few hours, endure some poignant scenes and as soon as its over, out of sight out of mind. It’s hard to develop that lasting connection with characters you only see on screen for a limited time.

Video games however are an immersive experience. You don’t play the spectator role and watch the protagonist save the day, you are the hero. Not to mention that video games, especially RPGs, can range from 10 to 100+ hours. There is more than enough time to relate to characters, embed yourself in the story, and submerge yourself in their world.

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I’ve only encountered a few gaming moments which made me feel genuinely gloomy. The end of Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater was one. It left me with a miserable feeling at its closure, but nothing close to tears. Several Final Fantasy titles showcased heartbreaking moments. Aerith’s death in FF7 was a shocker, but I was more upset that I wasted my time leveling her up than her getting stabbed through the stomach. Final Fantasy X’s ending was one to note. If my dreamt up boyfriend jumped off an airship and disappeared I’d be pretty upset too.

But by far Final Fantasy VIII is the game that has emotionally impacted me the most. Though the game as a whole was somewhat forceful with its romantic encounters and at times as predictable as a chick flick, I couldn’t help myself from investing in the drama. Here is a video of my saddest video game moment: (With added dubbing)


To see her floating in space, running out of oxygen, it really crossed my mind that she was going to die. This time however I wasn’t worried about how much money I wasted buying equipment for her or leveling her up, I was genuinely invested in her character and all the things she had left to do. If you are one of the people who have not had the pleasure of playing FF8, I highly recommend it. Especially if you enjoy character depth and the moments like this that define emotion.

This is my personal saddest gaming moment. Have you ever played a game that brought you to tears or close to it?

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