Worst Video Game Tattoos Part 1

Video games are more than idle hobbies or vacant amusement, the beautiful combination of technology and entertainment has the amazing ability to inspire individuals. Unfortunately, not every inspiration is a good thing. Take a look at the worst video game tattoos, an assortment of tattoos gone wrong, including the bad, the worse, and the ugly. Make sure to check out Part 2!

Worst Video Game Tattoo Gameboy

I love the Game Boy as much as the next person but come on, this looks like the work of a 10-year-old with a sharpie.

Video Game Tattoos Mario

I knew Mario was a hairy guy with his full, plush mustache, but DAMN!

Video Game Tattoos Guitar Hero

Maybe nobody told this guy (or girl?) but you can’t play the guitar with your forearm, even if it’s an incredibly colorful plastic guitar.

Video Game Tattoos Nintendo

Says the 40 year old virgin.

Video Game Tattoos Game Over

Game over just about describes his life after getting that tattoo.

Video Game Tattoos Pistol

He may have two pistols glued to his hips but I certainly doubt he’s packing any heat. Compensating for something are we?

Video Game Tattoos Bowser

I’m not quite sure how Jesus, weed, and surfing Bowser fit together but his questionable choice is our amusement.

Video Game Tattoos Playstation

I wish there was a combo to make him put his shirt back on.

Video Game Tattoos Mortal Kombat

FINISH HIM is one of my all time favorite gaming quotes but something about this tattoo negates the utter coolness of Mortal Kombat. Certainly not the worst one on the list but you can do better than that!

Video Game Tattoo Consoles

Soooo what happens when the Xbox 720 comes out?


Out of the 10 tattoos above, which one do you think is the worst? The GAME OVER toes above definitely rub me the wrong way, I’m curious to hear your opinions in the comments below. Stay tuned for the Worst Video Game Tattoos Part 2.

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Taylor Stein

Gamer. Sushi-fanatic. Cartoon enthusiast. Overall big kid. Welcome to my journey throughout the world of video games and all around geekery.

  • JJ

    I like the Nintendo Before Hoes one lol. Thanks for giving me a chuckle on this Tuesday morning. When can we expect part 2?

    • I’m happy I could help! Mornings are rough sometimes, I figure a little humor goes a long way. As for part 2, expect it bright and early tomorrow morning.

    • the 1337 gamer

      hey can I please explain the bowser on the surfboard with the weed leaf and the cross? Look up Whitest Kids’ U Know Tattoo on youtube.

    • I had no idea what the Whitest Kids’ U Know was but someone commented on the article a few months ago and shared the video with me so now I officially “get it” 🙂 Despite that, I still can’t say that I like that tattoo though

  • lzjork

    The surfing bowser tattoo is a joke from “The Whitest Kids U’ Know.” And it’s badass

  • Worst has got to be the feet. I actually like the GB one, though.

    • The GB definitely isn’t the worst on the list, but I certainly wouldn’t call it a work of art by any means 🙂

    • craigums

      Awesome! that gameboy one is actually mine lol.

    • That’s you in the picture? Sorry for being harsh! It’s actually not THAT bad 😛

    • craigums

      lol it looks weird due to it being fresh at the time, it was a spur of the moment thing from 7 years ago. I now have a bunch of Pokemon under it lol it looks way better. Its pretty funny how many sites have it listed lol its often next to a bunch of horribly awful ones lol. No worries its from so long ago that I think its funny one day I will finish the idea (supposed to be Black and white gameboy themed then branch into my colored Pokemon) hope all is well happy 2013.

    • Your concept is actually really cool. I’m a huge old school gameboy fan, and someone who grew up playing Pokemon so to me your tattoo sounds like an awesome tribute. You know, I’d totally be down to write an article about you with before and after pictures to give you some retribution. Maybe that way, people wouldn’t remember your body art in such a bad light! Haha just let me know and I’d be glad to do it. But thanks I hope you had a great New Years and an even better 2013.

    • craigums

      lol no worries I don’t feel the need for redemption I just think it’s funny that after all these years that image pops up. nice site by the way.

    • Thanks, I really appreciate it, well don’t be a stranger! I always like to connect with cool gamers, find me on Twitter, FB, or Xbox Live and we can game sometime.

  • Oh I see! You taught me something new today. While I don’t exactly like the tattoo, he gets bonus points for the reference for sure.

  • randum dude that cant spell

    that bowzer is awsome. its a referance to a snl skit

  • I actually love the first one 😛