Worst Video Game Tattoos Part 2

Welcome to the second installment of the worst video game tattoos on the planet featuring even more ugly artwork, poor decisions, and nerdy passions gone wrong. If you missed PART 1 you can check it out here. Lets get this party started.


Worst Video Game Tattoos Batman

I’m as open-minded as the next girl, but seeing the Dark Knight and the Boy Wonder engaged in a very intimate tongue-lock next to a man’s nipple is super weird no matter how you look at it.


Video Game Tattoos Street Fighter

Did Ryu’s Hadouken blow off that dude’s hair or do bad hair styles typically come with bad tattoos?


Video Game Tattoos Pacman

Accessorizing is fun; add a little makeup here and a headband there. Or hey, why not tattoo Ms. Pac-Man to the side of your face.


Video Game Tattoos Pacman Butt

How dare he place Pac-Man next to his colossal crack. Why he’d want to show off his pale, flat rear is another travesty.


Video Game Tattoos Silent Hill

Silent Hill is a game of horror, it’s supposed to make you scared. This tattoo on the other hand makes me very very sad.


Video Game Tattoo Duck Hunt

Tramp stamp gamer style.


Video Game Tattoos Gameboy

I’m not sure if I’m deciphering this tattoo properly. DDR-like arrows, rainbow colors, and a Game Boy. It’s like a crazy video game rubik’s cube that just doesn’t add up.


Video Game Tattoos Boo

I think he should have stopped a long looooong time ago.


Video Game Tattoos Mario and Luigi

Mario and Luigi do not deserve to be on the bottoms of someone’s oddly shaped, wrinkled feet.


Video Game Tattoos

Cute he’s wearing a tattooed video game necklace.


There you have it, a collection of the worst video game tattoos that the internet has to offer. People just don’t seem to realize that tattoos are permanent. You may like that Pikachu on your arm now, but probably not when you’re 50. Have you personally seen any sad excuses for tattoos? What would you tell the individuals above if they asked you about their tattoo?

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  • Casual_Reader

    the arrows and game boy refer to the Konami Code, from one gamer nerd to another I am very disappointed you didn’t know that