Harassment Among Gamers a Research Study Needs Your Help

By Taylor | October 17, 2012 | 1 Comment

Trolling in Video Games
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As video games grow in popularity and the demographics of gamers expand to new heights, evidence of harassment within the gaming community is becoming more and more apparent. Trolling on forums, websites, and even within multiplayer spaces is becoming an increasingly prominent blemish in the virtual world. Professor of Communications Dr. Jesse Fox and graduate student Wai Yen Tang of Ohio State University are embarking on a research study that aims to delve deeper into the issue of harassment among gamers.

Through the use of a survey, Fox and Tang are reaching out to the gaming community for input on the issue.

[quote-symbol symbol5][quote]“The information provided would help us determine what beliefs and attitudes influence harassing behaviors, what situational conditions encourage or discourage harassment, what are the most common behaviors and how harassment is communicated in public or in private” –Wai Yen Tang[/quote]

If you would like to contribute to Fox and Tang’s research please click HERE.  For only moments of your time, you can aid a study that will help to shed light on a growing problem in this increasingly digital world. This survey contains content pertaining to sexual harassment in video games and will require participants to submit personal experiences and perceptions.

Again, to participate in the study, please visit this LINK.

What are your opinions about trolling and harassment in video games? Is it an increasing problem or just an annoyance?


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  • Mikey

    For me trolling is just an annoyance but I can see how it is growing in popularity especially in games like Call of Duty.